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Outsourced VP of Sales

Our Sales Management services offer a comprehensive list of services that, once implemented, will transform your sales organization into a solid and performing growth machine.

This is not your usual consulting.

We do the sales work and deliver results, while you focus on your business.


Live Webinar

Innovative Sales Strategies

Harnessing AI for Competitive Advantage

During this 30-minute webinar, Michel Prive and Ben Victorica sit down and have a conversation around “All Things AI for Sales”

  • How AI is impacting today’s sales process

  • The power of relationships and connection paths

  • Why context in your communications is a winner

  • How you can crush your quota

Wednesday, April 24th

1:00 pm CST

Featured Product

Providing Your Sales Leader and Sales Team with the Tools to Drive Revenue Growth

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Sales Playbook

The Sales Playbook is your ultimate guide to winning in the competitive world of sales. It's a comprehensive manual designed to empower your sales team with deliverables like the messaging, points of differentiation, ideal customer profiles, discovery questions, sales stages, and a consistent sales process.
The Sales Playbook is your ultimate guide to winning in the competitive world of sales. It's a comprehensive manual designed to empower your sales team with deliverables like the messaging, points of differentiation, ideal customer profiles, discovery questions, sales stages, and a consistent sales process.

Our Clients Say...

Chuck Rahrig | CEO

E3 Displays

I contacted SLIC to assist in the launch of a new company I was forming while I maintained my current role as President of E3 Displays LLC. I was confident that SLIC and Michel fit the requirements. Now 15 months later, SLIC has been a key contributor in the establishment of the new company which was established in 2021. Michel was instrumental in the multiple areas of the establishment of the company. SLIC is not only easy to work with but also Michel is flexible, diligent, and accommodating. Michel have been very valuable contributors in this journey of technology and corporate launch of our new venture. I whole heartly would recommend Michel in a host of areas of his expertise that include Sales and Marketing, both Strategic and Tactical, Technology Management, and Program Management.

Shadi Awwad | Business Development


I had the pleasure of working with Michel during our time at Teledyne. I've been impressed with his intellect, dedication, and drive to create a high-performing team. I witnessed firsthand how Michel took a sales team from average to exceptional performance - by setting clear goals, the right incentives, and accountability. Another trait I appreciated of Michel is his straight-shooting style of communication, both internally and externally. He is an exceptional leader. I am confident that Michel will add value to any organization he joins or supports.

Bruno Lemonnier | Partner & VP Sales

Agilink Group

Over 25 years, I've consistently turned to Michel for external assistance. As the leader of Sales at Agilink Group, tasked with sizing the North American market and devising a strategy for our recently acquired wire and cable manufacturer, Michel provided a clear proposal, surpassing expectations with well-planned deliverables. His expertise and efficient processes enabled us to make informed decisions regarding our North American strategy, saving both time and money. I have complete trust in Michel's ethical and discreet approach, and I eagerly anticipate future collaborations. I wholeheartedly recommend him to guide you to success.

Gabriel Arguello | Serial Entrepreneur

Rent 2 Own Trailers

I highly recommend SLIC's service. One of my businesses, Rent2own Trailers, needed to grow faster. After a discovery survey of the business, Michel from SLIC lined up and implemented the actions required to produce above 25% year-on-year growth. To allow scalability and repeatability, we laid out the sales process and implemented it in our new CRM selected to fit our needs. We changed our unique value proposition to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, adjusted our message to the clients, and modified our prospecting strategy for further expansion. Finally, we trained our sales team to close faster. In four months, we transformed this business into becoming a growth machine. Michel directed the sales efforts to get us where we wanted to be. I highly recommend SLIC's services.

More Case Studies

Image by Jason Goodman
Learning to Build a True Sales Organization: Technology Case Study

Find out how Sales Xceleration was able to help one of our technology clients grow sales by 50% year over year in 12 months. Read our technology case study!

Learning to Build a True Sales Organization: Technology Case Study
Focusing on Sales to Diversify Client Base: Recruiting Staffing Case Study

A recruiting outsourcing company, in business for ten years, was focused on internal employee recruitment instead of generating more corporate clients to provide recruiting services

Image by Brooke Cagle
A Sales Plateau Converted to 4 Million in Growth: Marketing Case Study

A marketing company, in business for 13 years, reached a sales plateau and realized they needed a plan and strategy built by a professional.

Delivery Men
Aligning Management with Sales to Reduce Sales Costs: A Distribution Case Study

A distribution company, in business for 28 years, selling industrial specialty electrical components, recognized that their sales structure and process did not support their goals.

Who we serve

We work with businesses of all industries and sizes, but typically serve those with:

  • Annual sales revenue between $5M and $50M

  • A B2B focus with a sales cycle of 3+ months

  • An Owner/CEO directly leading the sales effort (but usually not effectively)

  • An Owner whose skills/talents do not lie in sales

  • An ineffective or reactive sales effort - clients frequently find them

  • Stagnate or declining sales

  • Companies growing too fast that do not have the right tools or people in place

Why we serve

We are passionate about helping our clients, and often find they say things such as:

  • We have no formal sales process

  • I am doing too many things and none of them very well

  • What we did in the past is no longer working

  • I feel trapped in the business

  • We lost a big customer - now what?

  • Inability to find the "right" salesperson

  • Not sure where to start - I don't know what I don't know

  • We're unable to take sales to the "next level"

How we serve

We have many services to help business owners resolve their biggest sales challenges:

  • Sales Infrastructure

  • Sales Management

  • Sales Assessment

  • Value Proposition

  • Amplify Recruiting

  • Quality of Sales

  • Sales Rep Training + Coaching

  • Certified Sales Leader (CSL) Training

What's New?

Featured Product


Automate updates and consolidate your view across multiple communication channels, including email, meetings, files, CRM records, LinkedIn, and web traffic.

Latest Case Study

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 9.10.46 PM.png

Sourcing Top Candidates to Bring Proven Experience to an Organization.

Amplify Recruiting (Amplify) worked
in conjunction with a Sales
Xceleration® Advisor to find the best
candidate to fill a new Director of
Sales and Marketing role for a client
with a territory covering western and
southern Michigan and northern

Latest Newsletter


The Sales Xceleration Framework

The Sales Xceleration Framework was created to ensure you have a solid sales strategy, action plans, and accountability to achieve your sales and revenue goals.

New Partner


The pioneer and industry leader in sales team evaluation and sales candidate screening.

Objective Management Group (OMG) is the leading provider of Sales Team Analyses, Salesperson Evaluations, and Sales Candidate Assessments.

Established in 1990, OMG has evaluated nearly 33,000 sales organizations and assessed more than 2,2000,000 salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders.

Sales Infrastructure

Services to build the strong foundation for scalability and repeatability.

No matter how great a product or service is, a business must put the strategy and process in place for successful sales.

Sales Assessment

How your sales department perform?

Provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current sales practices. We evaluate your processes, tools, and strategies to identify areas of improvement and maximize sales effectiveness. We'll provide you with actionable recommendations to help your team succeed.

Sales Training

For Leadership and Team

Sales training is essential for unlocking the full potential of your sales team. It equips them with the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to build relationships, close deals, and achieve sales success.


Hire the Right Person for the Right Job

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong person – take the time to learn about using assessments to hire the right person for the job.


 A Simple and Concise
Overview of What You Do

An on-target Unique Value Proposition (UVP) helps you differentiate your solutions from your competitors. And because a clear and concise UVP makes it easier for customers to buy, it also makes it easier for your sales team to sell!

Sales Productivity Tools

 Streamline Processes, Optimize Workflows, and Empower Teams. 

From CRM software to email automation, these tools can help increase sales productivity, improve customer interactions, and drive business growth. Invest in sales productivity tools to maximize your sales team's performance.

Investment Sales Analysis

Buy or Sell based on Science.

The Investment Sales Analysis provides an in-depth sales due diligence analysis that helps business owners and investors make profit-aligned decisions when buying or selling a company. 

Exit Strategy

Raise Valuation, Plan Smart

When this time comes, having a solid sales infrastructure can help command the price tag your business deserves.


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March 2024 - 3 Strategies for Enhanced Efficiency and Consistent Revenue Generation

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