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Sales Infrastructure

No matter how great a product or service is, a business must put the strategy and process in place for successful sales.


An efficient Onboarding Process is essential for salespeople. In many cases, it is a make or break. No matter how well the recently hired sales employee is ready to perform (same market, same clients, similar products), it takes 6 months to onboard. As part of the sales structure, we implement a solid and proven onboarding process for Salespeople, which can be used for all your new employees - for Sales or not.


Sales Processes

In too many companies, the sales process is neither documented nor inforced - creating chaos when a sales employee leave and a new one comes. It generates inefficiency, hence unnecessary cost and frustration.

As part of our Sales Structure program, we will build, document, and validate the sales process your sales team will be bound to follow. This sales process will add clarity to the sales employees.


The CRM is the brain of the Client's customers. You can use your CRM as a database, or as a tool where transactions with clients occur or as a completed automated machine that allows your salespeople only to spend time selling.

Choosing your CRM and using your CRM are vital to success. The CRM must contain the entire marketing and sales processes to streamline the customer experience and sales operations.


Your CRM is a tool that measures the volume and efficiency of sales and marketing activities. You extract your sales forecast from the CRM and track your pipeline size and health.


As part of the Sales Infrastructure program,  we help to select the right CRM. We are helping to load Client's sales and marketing processes in the CRM, and we held implementing the CRM with the sales team and teaching the value of using the CRM well.


Sales Management

The sales meeting is essential. It is the time in the same room to celebrate the success and discuss roadblocks the sales team members face. It is the time to review the activity and the efficiency of their actions. It is the moment to raise discipline, share encouragement, gather communication from the market, competition with the company management.

It is a critical moment when the salespeople listen to their team colleagues and generate bonding.

As part of the sales infrastructure program, we take over the sales meetings.

We structure the sales meeting to raise efficiency with a positive mindset and generate support for the trailing members, discipline when required, and encouragement and praise for the best members.


Accountability is different from what the salespeople are at their best.

To change this statement, you need to get accountability metrics in place to allow the salespeople to track their progress vs. their expectations.


As part of the Sales infrastructure program, we build (to meet the sales plan and forecast), track the right sales metrics, and measure each sales team member's activities. These metrics bring a high level of clarity in what each salesperson is supposed to do. It brings accountability.


Sales Process Documentation

A documented sales process enables the repeatability and scalability of your sales success.

Indeed, the sales process is the backbone of the sales organization.


As part of the sales Infrastructure program, your advisor will document and improve your current sales process. Your advisor will enable the sales process in your CRM.

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