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Scaling Success: 3 Tips for Sales Growth with Insights

To enhance the scalability and repeatability – the two pillars for growth, consider these three

tips below:

1. Implement Effective Onboarding Programs.

A robust onboarding process can significantly improve new hire retention and productivity,

familiarizing them with the sales process, company culture, and expectations.

Salespeople need clarity of tasks to perform.

The onboarding process is the first step your new employee will see. It will clarify what is

expected from the employee and what and when – to enable meeting quota and earnings.

Onboarding starts with the contract signing. Before the employee starts, keep in touch, make

them aware of what the first days and weeks will look like, and get them excited to join your

team. Assign them a mentor. Share with them the onboarding program.

Onboarding is the second experience the new employee will enjoy after recruitment.

We all know the first impression matters.

Invest in a solid onboarding program to make the new employee quickly and pleasantly feel part of the team. 

2. Unique Value proposition

a. Develop a Strong Unique Value Proposition: Your Unique value proposition should make

apparent what problems you are solving for the targeted client, how you solve them, and

why it makes your offer unique for customers to buy from you. The best UVPs come from your clients. Ask them why they buy from you and listen carefully– they will give you the elements of your UVP.

b. A UVP is not a slogan.

c. If your products solve different problems for another set of clients, create as many UVPs

as required.

d. Ensure everyone in your company knows and breathes your UVP(s). This creates your

company culture, making each employee live in the UVP and enabling the best customer


3. Document Your Sales Process.

A fully documented sales process ensures consistency.

Based on your sales process, you then adapt your CRM to measure the lagging and leading

activities required to act upon your prospecting activities, your lead pipeline, and the aging of

the lead at different stages, up to upselling or cross-selling.

Your sales process should be readable on one page – 7 to 9 stages max, with a go/no-go lever to progress in the next stage. Fully understood by all involved, it brings visibility to the owner and accountability to each sales team member. A documented process allows a fast onboarding of new team members.

With our proven expertise and a keen understanding of market dynamics, we are ideally positioned to provide you with the guidance and support needed to implement these tips effectively.


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